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100 Love Tamil Movie Sinhala Subtitles Downloadk




He is considered the "young actor with the most potential". Cinematographer Karthik Raja and music director Abid was the film's soundtrack composers. It was released on 1 December 2015. In the film, the protagonist acts as a "spy" to find out who the girl he loves likes. The one whom he loves likes is the only other person in the world whom he finds interesting. Initially, the film was not well received by the audiences. But the critical response was positive, and many critics cited the film as the best romantic comedy in Malayalam cinema. Plot A scientist named Roshan Nair (Dulquer Salmaan) helps his old colleague Dr. Abhilash (Anoop Chandran) in his research, the latter has a problem with his wife and gets stressed. Roshan gets to know about his problem and starts helping him. Abhilash says that his wife works in Switzerland and she has a sister named Monisha (Sruthi Raj). Roshan's college buddy, Rajan Nair (Darshan) asks Roshan to find Monisha and give her a perfume to alleviate Abhilash's wife's stress. Roshan starts his mission, which involves bringing a girl to Abhilash's house, and becomes a spy, and gets involved in a love triangle with two women: Vincy (Lena), an architect, and Kayal, a rockstar. He successfully brings both of them to Abhilash's house, but Abhilash isn't interested. Roshan meets a girl named Mary (Priyanka Nair) while traveling. Roshan brings her to Abhilash's house, but she likes someone else. Roshan starts to feel he isn't any good at his job. To make himself feel better, he creates a relationship with Kayal, which he discovers has been planned by his college friend Rajan. This leaves him confused and alone. Meanwhile, Dr. Abhilash suffers from heart problems. In the end, Roshan succeeds in bringing Kayal and Vincy to Abhilash's house, which causes Mary to drop him and to feel that he is a failure. Roshan then tries to bring Mary to his flat, but she says she will never fall for anyone again. Cast Dulquer Salmaan as Roshan Nair / Roshan Sr



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100 Love Tamil Movie Sinhala Subtitles Downloadk

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